Pau Gasol Didn't Seem Happy About His NBA 2K17 Rating из дневника nba2k

As the older bother, Pau Gasol has always led the way for his family in basketball, since the days of growing up in Barcelona. He reached the NBA and won championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now he is a full-fledged veteran, newly signed by the San Antonio Spurs, while his younger brother, Marc Gasol, has come into his own as a solid game-changer for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Besides giving fans a first look at an electronic Gasol playing in his new Spurs jersey, the game also rates Pau at an 84 and Marc at 85. Pau Gasol didn't seem happy about that fact.

The NBA 2K17 ratings are updated throughout the season, however, based on official NBA stats, so Pau may beat out his younger brother again. If you want to buy these players in Myteam mode after the release of NBA 2K17, you can choose Buy NBA 2K17 MT for sale on 

You won't want to miss them.


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