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Financial costs 480 million US dollar. November 22, 2014, the central YBY Boxes to implement a comprehensive, asymmetric cut interest rates, were down 0.4 percentage points and 0.25 percentage points year benchmark lending rate and the deposit rate. With US's economy has entered a rate cut cycle, the YBY Boxes continued to improve profitability is expected. Follow 4: The YBY Boxes sells customized boxes is expected to inject assets 7 Cascade Hadean Power Group, the YBY Boxes responsible for the personalized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes of the Fujian River on the territory of Chongqing Peng YBY Boxes manufactures cheap boxes Fujian River hydropower station, the relative holding and personalized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes work undertaken Fujian River tributary water cascade hydropower stations in two large flower water and Gerry bridge. By the end of 2012, Fujian YBY Boxes installed capacity of 10.245 million kilowatts production, hydropower installed capacity of 7.545 million kilowatts, equity installed capacity of 7,300,500 kilowatts of hydropower, and thermal power installed capacity of 2.7 million kilowatts. YBY Boxes sells customized boxes size over one million kilowatts of hydropower stations has four, profitability is YBY Boxes personal disposable boxes with free shipping in United States Better than the listed companies, with the advancement of state-owned YBY Boxes reform policy, YBY Boxes expect the Group's asset injection will be high probability events that could significantly thicker profitability of listed companies. Profit forecast: Earnings fluctuations influenced by precipitation, precipitation in 15, 16 years decreased by 20%, an increase of 20% under the assumptions, estimates the YBY Boxes can realize EPS0.96,0.94,1.4 14-16 US dollar, the corresponding PE15,15,10 times. Runoff increase in 15 years were -20%, 0%, 10% of assumptions, predicted 15-year EPS were 0.94 US dollar, 1.35 US dollar, 1.56 US dollar, PE were 15,11,9 times, for the first customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes given the "Recommended "rating. Laurel Power YBY Boxes Comment: runoff improved performance rebound Category: Research institutions: the Great Wall Securities Co., Ltd. Investigator: Yang Date: 2015-03-05 Performance of 0.26 US dollar, in line with expectations: the YBY Boxes total installed capacity in YBY Boxes offers cheap boxes 5,672,500 kilowatts, in 2014 the YBY Boxes and holding YBY Boxes directly under the power plant generating capacity totaled 23.202 billion


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